About Us

Pay729 is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that allows customers to use their telephone key pads to enter their card details when making payments over the telephone.

No one likes to have to read out their payment card details over the phone when they want to make a payment.

Pay729 simplifies the whole process. You speak with your customer and during the conversation when you are ready you simply dial 729 to start the payment service.

No more writing down card numbers and walking to the payment terminal or having to ask customers to read out their card details while you enter them into the computer screen.

Dial in Pay729 and the secure compliant payments service enters your call and securely collect card payment information from the card holder by them using their telephone keypad.

Pay729 accepts all credit cards and works with your payment provider to transfer money in real time. Making sure there is no delay in getting your payment.

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