Welcome to the Pay729 secure telephone payment service

This is Pay729, a new way to take card payments on telephone calls without your customer needing to insecurely read you their card details anymore. Pay729 allows your business and customers to be protected by collecting the card information for you whilst on a telephone call. Once activated agents can dial 729 using their telephone keypad to start the payment service. Customers are then able to use their telephone keypad to secretly enter their payment card details using their own telephone keypad. We remove the risk to your business, by removing the need to ever hear the card details when you process a payment.

Telephony Payments made Secure

Paytia is a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Level 1 service provider as well as a Visa Member Agent approved to offer protected collection and handling of card holder payment card information on behalf of our business merchant customers

Enabling your business to secure customer telephone payments in
three simple steps

Pick the package and a secure telephone payment number for your business

Add your own business telephone numbers the secure payment service will work with

Link Pay729 directly with your payment processor to accept secure telephone payments

The Next evolution of secure telephone payments

Ful PCI DSS compliance

No extra system or hardware required

All you need is your telephone

No extra system or hardware required

Quick Setup

And on-going, direct support

Accept payments on the move

No need for a card machine or computer

Pick the package that best suits your business needs for processing secure telephone payments

Subscription charge : £40.00

Agent Seat License : £0.00

Monthly Gateway Charge : £10.00


£50.00 /Monthly

  • 7 Day free trial with 10 secure calling minutes
  • Automatic upgrade to 12 month contract with 200 secure calling mins a month
  • Asks your agents to enter a reference number at point of payment
  • Includes our inbound payment service license
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Subscription charge : £10.00

Agent Seat License : £0.00

Monthly Gateway Charge : £0.00


£10.00 /Monthly

  • A low cost 1 month service for taking secure telephone payments
  • 10 secure telephone call minutes with the option to buy top up mins to suit your use
  • Ability to enter a payment reference number at the point of payment
  • Allows connection to an existing Stripe account or offers free Stripe account activation
  • Ability to upgrade to a different package every month
  • Supports inbound and outbound calling and a virtual terminal
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Take payments directly on your telephone call by simply dialling 729.
Empower your customers to enter their card details securely using their telephone keypad instead of insecurely reading them out to you.

Simple, convenient and secure telephone payments

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